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The Island of Susak is situated south of the Istria in the Kvarner Gulf, approximately 7km west of Island of Losinj. Susak is a little open sea island that considerably stands apart from all other islands of Croatian islands in geology, its nonsymmetrical form, and much less indented coast. Susak is one-of-a-kind island among all other Croatian Islands as the bedrock of the island is covered by dense layers of fine sand, that eroded from the Italian River Po. The highest peak of the island is below 100 meters, making Susak one of the lowest Croatian islands.

On the island there're no roadways, loud nightclubs - there are only kilometers of sandy tracks running throughout sand cascades, which link the only settlement with small bays on the other side of the island. Throughout winter season island is virtually uninhabited. The only 200 residents who reside there during the winter are the people who remained during the major emigration wave to the USA. On Susak a unique language is spoken, that is so unlike from standard Croatian that no one in Croatia really understands it.

Susak is well-known for its soft sand beaches, stunning folk clothing, and yellowish dust from which the island made. It is this yellow sand that makes Susak exceptional - even the most skilled seafarers will admit there's no comparable island in the entire Adriatic!

History of the island Susak

Susak was a summertime retreat for noble Romans who came from the land or the nearby islands. Soon after the Saracens had overpowered Venetians in the northern Adriatic some took refuge on islands such as Srakane and Susak. There was a Benedictine abbey on Susak untill 11th century but residents' number is not known. As from 14th century, the abbey has declined and the church, along with other churches on Unije and Ilovik became ruins.

The island's history is agonizing but marvelous considering that it has been subjected to occupation, plunder, and assault of basic human rights, liberty and dignity. First known residents were the Illyrians and some Greek seafarers arrived at this island. Romans landed here a few years prior to the birth of Christ. Under their supremacy Susak and other islands of Kvarner region, Istria and Dalmatia fall under the legal system of the Province of Dalmatia. All together they turned into a part of the Illyrian Province.

The Croats inhabited these islands in the early Middle Ages. Right after their immigration they cohabited with other occupants under the ultimate authority of the Byzantine King.

How to get there

Reaching Susak is not a simple task while looking for accommodation is perhaps even more difficult. These 2 aspects have kept the island of the touristic companies radars. The majority of them are completely uninformed of it's existence, which is a nadvantage considering that it keeps masses off the island. Susak is linked with Croatian mainland with frequent ferryboat connection from the Island of Losinj, Cres and Rijeka.

Customs and traditions

As a result of its considerable distance from the mainland and the numerous civilizations that have through the decades controlled it, the residents of Susak have numerous original heritages. Some customs are solely the island's own (like the island's language and the extravagant clothes). Various other heritages, including cooking, are a mix of the varied customs from southern and central Europe. The folks from Susak speak a unique language which is heard solely on the island and among the older generation of the island's emigrants. Furthermore, the majority of the island's inhabitants over the age of 60 speaks the Italian language.

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